Outfit Guide

Now that your session is booked you may be wondering what to wear? Well, here is a little guide to make picking out an outfit a little simpler. My goal is to give you advice of what to wear that photographs well but also, so that you can be comfortable in the way you look and feel so that your personality can reflected in your pictures!

Tip 1

Dress appropriate for the location and weather. You don't want to wear heels to the beach or if we'll have to walk a bit to our location. I want you to be comfortable because when you're uncomfortable it can reflect in your pictures. Also, if it's cold bring a jacket, etc., I just want you comfortable so we get the best pics of you!

Tip 2

There are some things that in general you should avoid:

Avoid neon colors: they reflect the sun, distract from you, and are overall unflattering

Avoid bold, heavily patterned, and striped patterns

Avoid colors that match the scenery: If our session is in the forest avoid dark greens to avoid blending in

Avoid chunky bracelets, big watches, or other distracting wrist items: this items can take away from the image especially for more intimate shots

Avoid wearing matching clothes: wearing matching tops and bottoms can take away depth from your pics. Try to mix neutrals or have one with a bolder color while others wear more neutrals. There's always an exception to this rule so if you want to match, just reach out to me and we can make it work

Tip 3

Alright, now for things that you should wear:

Neutral colors: Colors like creams, tans, caramels, black, and blues photograph amazingly! They are neutrals for every color that would work. If there is a color you are dedicated to, you can find a mild tone in that specific color that would work

Complimentary outfits: wear outfits that compliment each other but not matching! I have a color guide of colors that compliment each other!

Wear different textures

Layers are a good idea!

Tip 4

Now that you have an idea of what to wear, where are some places that you can find the wardrobe you're looking for?

Online Boutiques: they tend to follow trends and get in new clothing often

Some boutique ideas are: One Loved Babe, Bailey's Blossoms, Motherhood Maternity, Saving Paige Boutique, Baltic Born

Amazon: they have so many options for clothing. Just read the reviews and remember to order in advance to your session


TJ Maxx

Thrift Shops: sometimes you can find some hidden gems!

There are so many options out there. If you ever need advice or can't decide what to pick, message me! I am here for you and want you to look and feel your best!